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Cheapest ways of moving interstate

Moving interstate can be a very costly venture if you don't plan well. You may have gotten a new job, greener pastures, or you just want a change of scenery. Whatever your reason for moving, who says it has to break your bank? Going cheap isn't so difficult. All it requires is a determined mindset and you'll be enjoying your move to the end. Here are some amazing tips you can use to save up your hard earned money.

Do a garage sale

The math is simple, the more you have, the more expensive it'll cost you to move. A garage sale is one of the best ways to avoid such a hassle. The DVDs you no longer need, or the clothes that are too old fashioned for you need to be eliminated. Stacking up all these goods can use up a lot of space. And space is something you don't have. Besides, you'll be amazed at the kitchen utensils or accumulated books you've never really needed. You can actually decide to sell even the electronics like refrigerators and TVs and then get new ones after the move.

Rental trucks or trailers

This is perhaps the cheapest transportation means of moving, especially if you've got lots of furniture removals. Trucks won't charge you as much, and they normally have affordable rental fares that you can take advantage of.

If you have a spacious area, then some companies might lend you a container that you can use to pack your belongings. Afterwards, they send a trailer to assist you with the moving. The advantage here is that you won't be pressured to pack, and you can move at your pace, taking up to a week packing.

Move during low season

When planning your move, avoid the summer like a plague. This is the period where removalists have the largest orders and are kept busy all through. Moving during the other months can save you a great deal. The discounts are going to be in plenty and special promotions will be advertised all over. The late fall to late spring should be a good time to move if you're watching your budget. These deals could be a game changer.

Back loading

This is a term that refers to advantageously hitching a ride on a removalist truck that is heading back to its starting point. Back loading will help you save a few bucks because you'll only pay for the space your property will occupy on the truck. This solution is actually a win-win for both parties. Removalists wouldn't want to return with an empty truck too.