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Five Tips for Storing Business Items in a Self-Storage Facility

A self-storage unit is a great place to store paperwork and files from previous years, furniture you don't use, and extra electronics. Whether you have moved to a smaller office and have extra items or you are planning on moving soon and the storage is temporary, the following tips can be very useful.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When you are storing business items in a storage unit, it is highly recommended that you get one with climate control. This allows you to keep the moisture low so you can reduce or avoid certain pests that are drawn to water, like spiders, cockroaches, mice and rats. It can also help when you want to lower the temperature to avoid damage to your electronic equipment resulting from high temperatures.

Keep Electronics Off the Ground

Speaking of electronics, make sure they are all stored off the ground. This helps prevent damage from water that might enter the storage unit. If you are storing larger pieces of electronic equipment, such as a full-size copy machine, at least keep it standing on a wooden platform. Smaller electronics, like desktop computers and smaller printers, can be stored on top of furniture or plastic bins that you are also storing. If you have any of the same boxes the electronics came in, those are also great ways to store them; just make sure to keep them elevated.

Store Documents and Files in Plastic Bins

When you store documents and various files in your storage unit, make sure you store them in plastic bins or file cabinets and not cardboard boxes. If you use cardboard, you might end up with pests drawn to them, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, and various others. Plastic bins come with lids that prevent any bugs or rodents from getting inside. They will also protect your important business documents from water damage.

Wrap All Furniture in Plastic

If you are going to store office furniture in the self-storage unit, cover it all in plastic. The plastic will offer additional protection from the climate conditions, pests, and dust that can accumulate in a storage unit. This is especially important if the furniture has fabric, such as office chairs. You can keep out termites by covering wood furniture in plastic as well.

Hire a Furniture Removalist

In some cases, it is difficult getting the furniture in the storage unit and properly organised and placed in a way that everything fits. You might also have a storage unit that is upstairs with no elevator, which can be a big pain. A furniture removalist will move the furniture from your office to the storage unit, no matter where it is. Removalists are experienced at loading furniture and making use of available space.