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How to make your apartment move a breeze

Living in an inner-city apartment provides many benefits, such as easy access to restaurants, shops and public transport.  However, one benefit it does not provide is ease of moving in and out!  With careful planning, however, moving out of one apartment and into another can be a breeze.  So here's a list of the key preparations you'll need to make before your move to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible: 

Check your apartment building's moving policy 

Even if you're all set to move on a particular day, that doesn't mean that the building manager of your apartment will allow you to do so, which can be a little annoying!  So, before you plan a move, make sure you check your building's moving policy.  Many apartment buildings have special moving conditions; for example, certain furniture must be moved out of particular entrances, nothing can be stored in the building lobby, etc.  Furthermore, apartment buildings often have rules that stipulate that apartment dwellers are only allowed to move in and out on certain days and certain times, and at certain frequencies; for example, only one group of people are to move at any given time.  These times often coincide with when the building foyer and lifts aren't very busy; for example, on weekdays between 10 am and 2 pm.  If your building has a policy like this, you'll need to ensure you book a time to move in advance.  

Book a lift and pay the security deposit 

Most apartment buildings also require that you book a specific lift on the day you move.  In addition to booking the lift, you may also be required to pad the lift to protect it, as well as pay a small security deposit in case anything goes wrong.  Ensure that you organise booking, padding and the payment of any security deposit in advance so you don't hold up your movers on your moving day.  

Organise appropriate parking for the removal van 

Your furniture removalists will need somewhere to park their vans, and if your street has no parking, this may prove difficult! Check with your building manager as to what special parking arrangements need to be arranged for your moving day; for example, whether there is a space in an underground carpark you need to use or whether a loading zone can be used.  Remember, your removalists will need to access your building for at least a couple of hours, so ensure that they can do so with relative ease; for example, there is no point telling them to park in a 15-minute car park, only to have to have them regularly move the truck! 

To ensure that your inner-city apartment move goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you check your building's moving policy, book a lift and organise parking for the removal van in advance of your move.