Moving my grandparents house

How to make moving house less stressful

Moving house can be a mentally and physically-demanding experience. Whilst there are bound to be some stressful moments during this process, there are several steps you can take to make it less arduous.

Start preparing as soon as possible

One of the biggest mistakes made by those moving house is underestimating how long it will take to prepare for it. When facing a mammoth task of this kind, it is absolutely essential to begin preparing for it as soon as you can.

After the paperwork for your new home comes through, the first thing you should do is make a list of all of the organisations you'll need to notify about your change of address, including your bank, doctor, employer and utility companies. Get in touch with all of them, giving them both your new address and your move-in date.  

Next, purchase the necessary supplies - including tape, boxes, bubble-wrap and labels - and start packing immediately. Bear in mind that if the move-in date is several weeks or months from now, it might not be practical to pack up everything you own straightaway. 

Instead, focus on the belongings that you don't expect to use during the weeks preceding the move; decorative and sentimental items such as photo albums, figurines, throw pillows, old toys and artwork might fall into this category. As your move-in date draws nearer, you can put more and more things into your packing boxes. Ideally, you should be adding a few bits and bobs each day; this approach will save you from having to tackle an enormous pile of disorganised possessions the night before you're due to leave.

Pack with care

One of the most important things you must do to ensure your moving experience goes smoothly is to pack up your belongings properly. Invest in high-quality boxes that are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of bulkier items, and purchase plenty of bubble-wrap and tissue; these will prevent fragile goods such as glassware, plates and mirrors from breaking whilst they're in transit. 

Avoid over-packing boxes with heavy things; piling fifty books into a single container could lead to it bursting open whilst it is being carried. Moreover, it will be much harder to physically lift and so could lead to the person carrying it sustaining an injury.

It's also essential to organise your boxes carefully; try to keep items that are destined for the same room together in the same boxes. Label each container, making sure to include a list of the contents and the name of the room it is to be put in. 

Lastly, if your boxes will be stored away in one part of your home for a few weeks before the move, check that the area in which they are placed is dry and clean; the last thing you want to discover on the day you're due to leave is a collection of possessions ruined by dampness and mould. 

Let the experts handle the move

Whilst you might be able to manage without the help of a removals team, this is not the best option if your goal is to have a hassle-free moving experience; hiring a professional removals company is the simplest way to guarantee that this process goes well. They can take care of stress-inducing tasks like lifting heavy boxes, safely transporting fragile items and manoeuvring bulky furniture out of your current home and into your new one. Due to their experience and expertise, they can usually do all of these activities at a very quick pace, meaning that the move could be over and done in just a few hours. 

For more information and tips, contact a local removals company.