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What add-ons to look out for in shipping storage containers

The sky is always the limit as far as choosing suitable add-ons or features you want for your storage shipping container. The needs of every industry are diverse. For retail businesses, double entry doors are popular given that they allow for easy access to the inventory. In the construction industry, the ground level storage/office unit is hugely preferred because it provides both storage and office space. The important thing to note is that before you consider the features of a shipping storage container, first think about your storage business needs. In that regard, here are some of the common features to look out for.  

Premium locking mechanism

Although many shipping containers feature a standard lock, several suppliers provide the option of a premium locking mechanism. This is mainly an internal locking system that functions actually the same as a bank vault. Contrary to a standard bolt lock which can be hacked by a resolute burglar, the premium lock can only be opened using a key that will set free the internal mechanism. Simply put, you cannot access the container from the outside without a key. If you wish to store some expensive equipment, a premium locking mechanism may be an ideal investment.


Storage containers come in a variety of different door types. Suppliers offer the choice of single or door entry accesses. If you plan to access the container regularly and will need to either pack or unpack goods from both ends, a shipping storage container featuring double entry doors is an ideal choice for you. Double entry access eliminates the stress of climbing over heaps of inventory you do not need so as to access the ones you need. Besides the single and double doors option, some suppliers also offer open/shut doors and roll-up doors. Based on the type of goods you intend on storing, a specialized door may be a good idea.

Office/storage space combination

Another hugely preferred customized feature is the storage/office space combination. Akin to a mobile office, the office space acts like a provisional workspace. The difference is that it's a shipping container that's been adapted into an office space, not a timber siding structure built into an office. Given that the raw material is Corten steel, its durability is unquestionable unlike a typical mobile office and particularly common in the construction industry.

In conclusion, bear in mind that the add-ons or features come at a price.