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Beat the Heat With These Tips for Removals During Hot Weather

The removals process can be challenging and stressful in the best of situations, but when temperatures are high, removals get hotter and harder. Planning to move during the hot summer months? Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly: 

1. Plan around the heat.

Although it's impossible to perfectly predict the heat, you should attempt to work around it as much as possible. If you don't have to move on a set day, check the forecast, and schedule your move for the coolest day. Alternatively, plan to move early in the morning before the heat hits.

Also, keep the heat in mind as you are packing. Heat wears people out, and it makes it harder to do physical work such as packing, cleaning, mowing your yard for the last time and other tasks related to removals. To keep your energy levels high, try working in the morning and the evening when temps are cooler. During the afternoon, take a break and rest.

2. Buy water for moving day.

On moving day, make sure that you have a hydration plan. In the midst of moving, most people pack away all of their glasses, making it impossible to get a drink from the sink. To make hydration easy, invest in a big case of bottled water.

Freeze it the night before you move. Then, have some bottles available in the house and put a few in the removals truck and your car so that you can keep drinking water whilst you are driving. It will melt throughout the day but stay cool, giving you access to cold water without a bulky cooler.

3. Remember the sunscreen.

Moving when you have a sunburn is not nice, and an intense burn could make it impossible to lift or carry items comfortably. To avoid a sunburn, make sure that you liberally apply sunscreen. That way, you avoid burning yourself whilst you are loading the truck, so that you aren't burnt when you arrive at your new location and can tackle moving in more easily.

4. Put on the AC at your new home.

If you can get into your new home before you arrive with the moving truck, put on the AC. If you are doing cross country removals, contact your real estate agent to see if they can turn on the cooling system before you arrive. Moving boxes and furniture into a home that is already cool is much easier than moving those items into a home that is hot and stuffy.

5. Take it slow.

Do not underestimate how draining the heat can be. Give yourself permission to move a bit more slowly than you would if the temperatures were mild, and try to schedule your move with a bit of extra time in mind.