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How to Get Yourself Organized Before the Movers Arrive

Moving from one home to another can be stressful, but failing to get your belongings organized before your move can simply add to that stress. It can also mean more work for the movers and, in turn, a higher invoice for that work. Getting yourself organized is not difficult, but the few steps you take to do this before a move can be absolutely invaluable in reducing your overall stress. Note some tips on how to do this before the day of your actual move.


Now is a good time to get rid of clothes you know you'll never wear again, toys the kids have outgrown, and broken household items you know you'll never fix. Toss out the junk and donate the usable items to a charity so they don't go to waste. Paring down items is always the first step to getting organized.

Pack ahead of time

You can pack up items you won't need between now and your move to help get started. To keep the packing organized, make a detailed list of everything in the box. Don't simply mark it "bedroom" or "kitchen." Write out what you pack away, such as "black trousers for office for winter, two beige sweaters, three white long-sleeve dress shirts," or "crock-pot, electric griddle, Christmas serving platter." If you do need something in a box between now and your move, you won't need to open every box and rummage through, trying to find it. 

This list can also help you when it's time to unpack in your new home. You know that you'll want to unpack the boxes with your everyday dishes first, before you unpack the boxes with your holiday dishware, as an example.

Don't stack boxes and make sure to clear a path

To ensure you stay organized on the actual move day, you'll want to store your boxes in a way that still keeps a path clear for movers and doesn't interfere with how they load boxes in the truck. For example, you may want to stack boxes with light items on top of heavy boxes, but remember that movers will then need to move the lighter boxes so they can put the heavy boxes in the truck first! Line up your boxes along a wall rather than stacking them on top of each other, but keep that path open for movers and your moving day will be much faster and more efficient overall.