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Tips to Putting Your Furniture in Long-term Self Storage

It is not uncommon for homeowners to accumulate an assortment of furniture items over the years. Although the best way to eliminate the clutter would be by selling these items, some may have high sentimental value and thus you may not be willing to part with them. As such, you find yourself requiring the services of a self storage facility to keep these furniture items safe while clearing up some room in your household. You can then take them out of self storage when you move to a bigger place or perhaps find some other use for them. However, a mistake some people make is simply cramming their furniture items inside the storage space without any thought on what condition they will find them in after a significant amount of time has passed. Here are some tips that you can use when putting your furniture in long-term self storage.

Ensure the furniture has been cleaned beforehand

Before you put your furniture items into long-term storage, you need to ensure they are given a thorough cleaning. This is especially prudent for upholstered items as storing items with dirt could lead to permanent staining of the fabric. Once the furniture items have been cleaned, give them sufficient time to air out and dry.

Storing the items when they still have some moisture could lead to an array of issues such as rotting of wooden furniture pieces, development of mould and mildew on fabric and more. Trapped moisture could also lead to the permanent discolouration of your furniture items.

Disassemble all furniture items that can be taken apart

Large furniture items tend to be held together using screws and bolts. Some of these furniture items that can be taken apart include dressers, dining tables, beds and more. Instead of opting to store these items whole, you should opt to disassemble them beforehand. This can be convenient for two main reasons. Firstly, once the furniture items have been disassembled, it makes it easier to transport them from their location to the storage facility.

Secondly, working with disassembled furniture items gives you the chance to maximize on the space that is available in the self storage facility. Once you have disassembled the furniture pieces, group them together so as to ensure the storage space remains organized. You could also label each disassembled part so as to make it easier for you to match the pierces once you take the items out of self storage.