Three Ways Removalists Can Help You Deal With your Lost Loved One's Possessions

If you have lost a loved one, you have to deal with a number of material details and administrative things, and that can take its toll emotionally, financially and from a time perspective. In particular, dealing with the possessions in your loved one's home or apartment can be daunting. Luckily, removalists can help. Here's how: 1. Hire removalists to move everything to a storage unit. If your loved one lived alone and you are not ready to go through his or her personal effects yet, you may just want to hire removalists to pack everything up and take it to a storage unit. [Read More]

Moving and the Human Element: How to Become Best Friends with Your Removals Crew

When using a removalist to help you move to your new home, your best chance of a stress-free move for everyone involved is to build a rapport with the removal crew. You can do this by effectively communicating your needs and ensuring that everything is in place to help the removal crew do their job with as little fuss as possible.  If you are planning a move soon, remember to do the following when dealing with a removalist. [Read More]

Tips to Putting Your Furniture in Long-term Self Storage

It is not uncommon for homeowners to accumulate an assortment of furniture items over the years. Although the best way to eliminate the clutter would be by selling these items, some may have high sentimental value and thus you may not be willing to part with them. As such, you find yourself requiring the services of a self storage facility to keep these furniture items safe while clearing up some room in your household. [Read More]

How to Make Your Home a Productive Place to Work

According to the Australian Department of Labour Statistics, working from home is becoming a common part of working life. The Department reports that 24 percent of Australians work at least part of the time at home and 1 in 20 Australians work exclusively from home. There are plenty of advantages to working from home. You can manage your own schedule, be close to your kids and just relax in familiar surroundings rather than being surrounded by stressed-out co-workers and demanding bosses. [Read More]