International Moving: 4 Tips for Packing and Moving

Moving to a different country can be a fun adventure for you and your family. Whether you are moving for work, are in the military, or simply want a chance of scenery, it is important that you first take into consideration what international moving entails. You need to decide what belongings to move or give away, if you're bringing your pets, and how to ship your items. Here are some tips for moving out of the country. [Read More]

How to make your apartment move a breeze

Living in an inner-city apartment provides many benefits, such as easy access to restaurants, shops and public transport.  However, one benefit it does not provide is ease of moving in and out!  With careful planning, however, moving out of one apartment and into another can be a breeze.  So here's a list of the key preparations you'll need to make before your move to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible:  [Read More]

4 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

If you are planning on moving to a smaller home, you will need to do some downsizing. While it can be difficult going through your belongings and deciding what to give away or sell, it is an important part of the process. Here are some tips for downsizing your home prior to the move. Start Sorting Through Storage You likely have areas of your home where the majority of the belongings are being stored in cardboard boxes or plastic bins. [Read More]

Five Tips for Storing Business Items in a Self-Storage Facility

A self-storage unit is a great place to store paperwork and files from previous years, furniture you don't use, and extra electronics. Whether you have moved to a smaller office and have extra items or you are planning on moving soon and the storage is temporary, the following tips can be very useful. Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit When you are storing business items in a storage unit, it is highly recommended that you get one with climate control. [Read More]