5 Rules For Packing and Storing Your Seasonal Clothing

Unless you have a large walk-in closet that fits all of your clothing, you probably like to store your seasonal clothing. In the spring and summer months, it is likely never cold enough for all those winter coats and boots, while in the winter the last thing you want to wear is a swimsuit or pair of shorts. It helps to have a good storage place that is dark and cold to keep your clothes from attracting pests and mould, such as a self-storage unit.

Car Care Tips: Ways to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

Car storage involves more than just cleaning, covering it and leaving it in a storage facility or your garage. The way in which you prepare your vehicle for storage will determine its condition after the storage period. Protection from the elements is critical, and the last thing you need is a car with corroded parts and a smoky engine. Here are some valuable tips that will help you adequately prepare your vehicle for long-term storage and maintain it in good physical and working condition.

Moving Your B&B to a Larger Location? Four Tips for the Removals Process

If your bed and breakfast is busier than ever and you've decided to move into a new, larger house, you may be wondering how you can navigate the removals process. Luckily, a great team of removalists can help, but there are some tips that can make it easier. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Hire commercial removalists. If you want to work with professionals who are used to doing removals for businesses, you may want to contact a company who specialises in commercial removals.

Three Ways Removalists Can Help You Deal With your Lost Loved One's Possessions

If you have lost a loved one, you have to deal with a number of material details and administrative things, and that can take its toll emotionally, financially and from a time perspective. In particular, dealing with the possessions in your loved one's home or apartment can be daunting. Luckily, removalists can help. Here's how: 1. Hire removalists to move everything to a storage unit. If your loved one lived alone and you are not ready to go through his or her personal effects yet, you may just want to hire removalists to pack everything up and take it to a storage unit.

Moving and the Human Element: How to Become Best Friends with Your Removals Crew

When using a removalist to help you move to your new home, your best chance of a stress-free move for everyone involved is to build a rapport with the removal crew. You can do this by effectively communicating your needs and ensuring that everything is in place to help the removal crew do their job with as little fuss as possible.  If you are planning a move soon, remember to do the following when dealing with a removalist.

Tips to Putting Your Furniture in Long-term Self Storage

It is not uncommon for homeowners to accumulate an assortment of furniture items over the years. Although the best way to eliminate the clutter would be by selling these items, some may have high sentimental value and thus you may not be willing to part with them. As such, you find yourself requiring the services of a self storage facility to keep these furniture items safe while clearing up some room in your household.

How to Make Your Home a Productive Place to Work

According to the Australian Department of Labour Statistics, working from home is becoming a common part of working life. The Department reports that 24 percent of Australians work at least part of the time at home and 1 in 20 Australians work exclusively from home. There are plenty of advantages to working from home. You can manage your own schedule, be close to your kids and just relax in familiar surroundings rather than being surrounded by stressed-out co-workers and demanding bosses.

How to Get Yourself Organized Before the Movers Arrive

Moving from one home to another can be stressful, but failing to get your belongings organized before your move can simply add to that stress. It can also mean more work for the movers and, in turn, a higher invoice for that work. Getting yourself organized is not difficult, but the few steps you take to do this before a move can be absolutely invaluable in reducing your overall stress. Note some tips on how to do this before the day of your actual move.

Beat the Heat With These Tips for Removals During Hot Weather

The removals process can be challenging and stressful in the best of situations, but when temperatures are high, removals get hotter and harder. Planning to move during the hot summer months? Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly:  1. Plan around the heat. Although it's impossible to perfectly predict the heat, you should attempt to work around it as much as possible. If you don't have to move on a set day, check the forecast, and schedule your move for the coolest day.

What add-ons to look out for in shipping storage containers

The sky is always the limit as far as choosing suitable add-ons or features you want for your storage shipping container. The needs of every industry are diverse. For retail businesses, double entry doors are popular given that they allow for easy access to the inventory. In the construction industry, the ground level storage/office unit is hugely preferred because it provides both storage and office space. The important thing to note is that before you consider the features of a shipping storage container, first think about your storage business needs.